Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.
— Pablo Picasso

Lives in Jersey City and works in NYC.

Caro is a Venezuelan/Cuban multidisciplinary artist. She received her B.A in Art, Graphic & Design at U.R.B.E university in Venezuela. She also designs jewelry. She is currently researching the effectiveness of active meditation using the power of art as a therapy form for healing and recreation.

Caro's pieces are timeless objects that connect us with the origins of our cosmic consciousness. They are nostalgic for those lost in an increasingly unfocused world. She creates her own universes dancing between the natural and dreams through their mental space, her feelings and memories.

Mandalas, rosettes, eyes, spheres, bubbles, planets, satellites floating in vaporous spaces, monads without windows… all forms of delicate radial balance. Experimenting with the volumes, depths, lights and suggested movement of contrasting color palettes, alongside mysterious texture with the structural, substance with accident and objects with its surroundings.

The solitude of spheres sometimes impenetrable like rocks, sometimes translucent like bubbles, others flat like membranes that violently break to lead to the spirals of other centers.

Her paintings, works on paper and collages become a unexplored space and personalized dreams for the viewer, to enter and travel through. In short, an initiatory journey towards the most intimate of the universe that is deep within oneself.

Artist statement

Contemplation is the engine of my inspiration and it comes from my spiritual experiences. There is a dialogue between the landscape that surrounds me and one that is not evident to the eyes, but still exists. It's a process of discovering my mind; the potential of my imagination, my feelings, my senses and my intuition; listening to the language of my soul.

Through my artwork, paintings, collage and poetry, I recreate myself, heal my wounds and evolve. The creative process becomes an active meditation where I integrate my body, mind and spirit to love and all that exists.

My art includes a wide range of médiums and different types of material to find unique textures and effects. I enjoy painting in layers, building the paint over and over on top of each other to find what the piece wants to be. I am working with collage as well. I collect images from different magazines or take my own photos and do what I like to call “visual poetry.”

I use these approaches to generate harmony and explore the feeling of depth and movement. Through different texture and layers of paint along with cutting, combining and overlapping different images, I attempt to perfectly express an alternative world of memories, my vision of the beginning of life and the energy that unites us.